“I started battling cystic adult acne when I decided to stop taking hormonal birth control. My skin was completely out of control, I was super oily and I had dark spots all over from where a zit had previously been. 

It wasn’t until I started receiving IPL treatments that I found any improvement in my skin. Kris and her staff made me feel comfortable going to the office without any makeup on and they never passed judgment on me. I started to see improvements in my skin the very next day after my first treatment and my friends started saying my skin looked like it was glowing! How was the girl with acne getting compliments on my skin??  

After routine treatments and getting transitioned to a new skin care regimen and using her Estheceuticals Nytamin A every night and the brightening cream every morning my skin is the best it’s ever been. My breakouts are minimal and dark spots are nearly gone. It’s the first time as an adult I feel truly confident with my skin!”

Scottsdale Microneedling & Laser Esthetics Before and After Photos

While results may vary, these are actual before and after photos that have not been retouched. Combining EstheCeuticals® with the SkinStylus® Microneedling System provide magnificent results that speak for themselves!