The Vivace Patient Experience


Love the Skin You’re In!

Vivace is the newest generation of microneedling with radio frequency (RF) that has been FDA-cleared for your safety. This non-surgical treatment for contouring and tightening the face, neck, and body stimulates the natural production of collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike many other treatments, Vivace gets dramatic results without pain or downtime!

The Vivace Experience™ combines cutting edge fractional energy technology with the latest breakthroughs in topical anesthetics, treatment serums, and recovery care to create an incomparable, comfortable patient experience. Vivace patients are raving about both the immediate and ongoing results with less pain and downtime than experienced with any other fractional treatment.With results you can see, you’ll look and feel your best at any age. The Vivace Experience™ lets you face the mirror with confidence!

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Here’s What Real Clients Are Saying About The Vivace Experience™

“I had the ‘Vivace Experience’ about a month ago and was thrilled! I’ve had other microneedling procedures before, but wasn’t sure what to expect with this device. The clinician asked me several times during the process to report my pain level between 1 and 5. Repeatedly I had difficulty answering because most of the time I wasn’t feeling anything that I would label as pain, despite the fact that she had put the machine on its maximum settings. Immediately following the treatment, I went out to dinner (without makeup) and friends were commenting on how great my skin looked. In the weeks since, I’ve noted positive changes and feel that the benefits of The Vivace seem to be much greater than what I’ve experienced in the past with regular microneedling.”
— Deborah Faucher, Marketing Professional

“I have been fastidious about my complexion for many years. I’ve tried all manner of lotions, potions, creams, cleansers and such. Then I discovered the miracle machine, The Vivace. Thirty minutes of Vivace treatment followed by the recommended post treatment products called The Vivace Experience™ has given me weeks of youthful, glowing skin. It all happened so fast, too. About 30 minutes after my treatment, I was having lunch on a restaurant patio. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at my driver’s license photo. Even my granddaughters are jealous. I will use Vivace again and again.”
— Elizabeth Ramos, Teacher

“My Vivace experience made me a believer that the microneedling technology and specially formulated skincare products are a safe, effective, affordable treatment to stimulate new collagen growth and reverse the appearance of aging and scarring. I particularly wanted to reduce facial acne scars, and I think the Vivace may be the answer I’ve been looking for. With one treatment I walked out looking noticeably better even without makeup.”
— Rebecca Shaw, Cosmetic Surgeon’s Wife

“I’m glad I chose Vivace! I was a little nervous as friends have had pain during other kinds of microneedling treatments, but I found this treatment to be a breeze. On a scale of one to ten, I was at a one during the majority of the treatment. I was blown away how little I felt. One hour later, fine lines appeared to be diminished, my lips had a nice, little pout and I was ready to get back to my day and see people with no makeup. The tightening made me feel great about myself. I plan to do a series of three, and I can’t wait for the next one!”
— Renee Dee, Business Owner

“I rarely review or give testimonials, however, I thought I’d give The Vivace system a try and share my experience. I am not fond of needles, even if they are so small, so I was a bit apprehensive before my procedure. The numbing cream works wonders and is applied about 30 minutes prior. I was made to feel quite comfortable and throughout the whole procedure I felt little or no pain. As a performer, I sing in the Classic Rock Band, ASIA, I get very picky about my appearance. Photographs and videos can exaggerate the effect of time! However immediately afterwards I felt invigorated. Over the next few days I saw a difference in improvement of fine lines and a much more uniform skin tone. Yes, it works for men, too. I will be back for more.”
— John Payne, Rockstar

“My Vivace treatments left my face feeling energized and looking awesome. Lines decreased, and my skin remains tight and clear; and it is almost one year later. Thank you Vivace!”
— Gini Silva, Mom


“The Vivace has been a nice addition to my practice with fantastic results, and my patients love the Experience!”
— Gregory Mueller MD FACS, Beverly Hills, CA

“Thus far our office has had great success implementing The Vivace microneedling device. We have found that it fills the void between an invasive fractional laser and transcutaneous delivery of radio frequency. We love the fact that all skin types can be treated in all seasons. Our patients have found the downtime to be minimal if any. Our satisfaction rates are as high as any new device that I’ve ever seen. So far it’s a homerun.”
— Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS, Louisville, KY